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By Betul Arin

      Betul Arin, a North Andover artist for more than 30 years shares her love of art through teaching, and exhibits. The introduction she received to the arts is now something she always tries to pass on to her students, whether they be children or adults. " I started in grade school by looking at the masters' work and copying it " she said. " And that's what I tell my students. "I was always a painter and interested in art. I was painting lamps and creating things in the house (as a child). After I earned my master's degree in art education, I began sharing my knowledge and love of the arts on to others. While I enjoy teaching children and adults, children are more free to express themselves. When you get older, you become more afraid about what people might think. Children's work is so spontaneous. I wish we could all paint like them". Picasso once said " When I was a child, I used to paint like Rembrandt and Rubens but it took me a lifetime to paint like a child".

    "The most important idea behind teaching is not to stress accuracy but to get the students to draw what they see. This idea is not just something I teach, either. I readily admit that in some of my works I take a real scene or location and juxtapose buildings or objects. I will also look at a landscape and invent my own colours or patterns".  

     In 1998 a new art center in the town of Andover  was formed, "the Andover Studio of Visual Arts" on Main Street, offering a variety of classes in creative art instruction to children, teenagers, and adults. "My goal as a Director of the School is to help students to develop an appreciation for art, and to bring out the best in their work". The Studio encouraged the display of students' art work, not only to showcase their achievements but to stress the importance of fine arts in education. The annual student art exhibitions presented the most creative examples of art work produced by the students. More than 90 students displayed their drawings, paintings, and sculptures, exploring the full spectrum of art from still-lifes to portraits, and to landscapes. "I believe art work adds significantly to the public understanding that art plays an essential role in the community.". 

 Artist Statement

 My paintings are images of a remembered world as well as windows on my inner self. I am inspired by the present and by the past. To find my creative energy I look outwards and inwards to give life and truth to the images of the past. 

 From the night I painted the Market, I was able to open the door of a Harem. I wander through this place- from another time- from a place within my soul- long before now.

I am here, standing beside this place. A blaze of glorious colors burst forth on the walls, floor, and furnishings- in the interior of this place, as I did so many times before, from a life, a place, a time I now recall.  

 On the Technique 

 Before I begin a painting I spend several days just thinking about it. I start my paintings by thinking of an image and end up depicting a very personal tale. it could be from the past or from the present but it's always an experience that has provoked an emotion in me. It's the room whether it's real or imaginary- the world I live in- and the items scattered around the room are the objects I have collected. hand-painted glass, wood, and furnishings emphasize the ordinary objects related to the paintings of the interior and exterior of rooms and the relation between the two.   

 My work repesents a variety of media. They are often with bright colors and intricate details. It is similar to a technique used by the ancient mosaicists. I have tried to maintain the balance between a strong tradition of craftmanship and modern art. The miniature paintings have always had a personal and lyrical quality. To shatter the miniature's convention, I use modern themes with its personal content and emotional tune. The color is used to set off objects from one another, and at the same time, to unite them within the composition. The bright color and sensitivity to pattern characterizes my work. Recurrent themes in all of them are based on reminders of the past. 

I created most of my art work from an interior or exterior environment painted on canvas, paper, and glass. The jewel-like color and intricate detailing of ancient mosaics and manuscripts are an inspiration for my work. Classic Turkish miniatures serve my vivid imagination.


Hand-Painting on Glass: 

As an artist my purpose is to paint the glass as I would paint a canvas. There are so many imaginable possibilities for the great art of light.

The technique involves the painting of colored pigments on the glass surface with no subsequent firing. Enamels can be transparent or opaque and heat hardened to improve adhesive strength, scratch resistance and water resistance.


I hold a BFA from the University of New York at Albany and an MS, in Art Education from the College of St. Rose, N.Y. I am the Founder and Director of the Andover Studio of Visual Arts, Andover, Massachuetts and a former faculty member at the Decordova Musuem School of Art, Lincoln Massachusetts.

I' ve written and illustrated a children book titled:

"Upstairs Dog, Downstairs Dog"

Get it in the iBook Store:

Selected One person and Group Shows:  

"Two Women, Two Views" at the Gallery at the Grosvenor Park- November 14 2009- January 7, 2010 

"Strong at the Broken Places - Healing Art" at the ALL Arts Gallery Lowell, MA October 24 through November 1, 2009. Juried Show

"Visions Of Italy", at the All Arts Gallery Lowell, MA September 13- October 13, 2008

Twenty-five Recent Paintings on exhibit at the Gallery at the Grosvenor Park- Oil, guache, and mixed media- October 4-November 13, 2008 Salem MA

"Traditions and Modernity", one person show held at the Northeastern University Gallery Boston, MA

"Remembrance of Things", one person show held at the DeCordova Museum School Gallery, Lincoln MA

Artist's Choice, Bravos Art Gallery, Georgetown MA

 Women's Caucus for Art, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

 Copley Society of Boston, Newbury Street Boston MA, Spring Member Show

North American Open Show, The New England Watercolor Society, Boston MA

Marblehead Art Association , Festival of Arts, Marblehead MA 

 Mohawk-Hudson Regional Art Exhibition at the Schenectady Museum Schenectady NY

12th Annual Landscape Exhibition Rensselaer County Council for the Arts, Troy NY

Master Thesis Show at the Picotte Gallery Albany NY

The Gallery of the Albany Institute of History and Art- Interplay, Albany NY

50th Annual Art Exhibition , Cooperstown NY

Past and Present member of:

Newburyport Art Association

Art League of Lowell 

Oil Painters of America 

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA

DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Copley Society of Art

Andover Artists Guild

New England Watercolor Society

Newburyport Art Association 



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